Missed and Missing, a True Crime Special Episode

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Fern from Evidence of a Crime asked us to join her for a special missing persons episode along with Kira from Murder and More. What a great idea, I was so happy to be asked to be a part of this. There are so many missing people and not just missing, but there are very little details about the circumstances of their disappearance. It is mind boggling! I am working out the logistics of doing a monthly episode just like this one. Please be sure to listen to Evidence of a Crime and Murder and More as they covered missing person cases in the UK. Also, be sure to check out the www.charleyproject.org The sheer amount of people on that site will blow you away. Please consider donating to the site as it is one person project that is run solely from donations. There is a link on the site to where you do so.

I'm not planning on taking time off for the holidays so look for a new episode on Thursday, December 24th.

Murder and More - linktr.ee/murderandmore

Evidence of a Crime - linktr.ee/evidenceofacrime

- Madeline

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