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The latest episode, An Unlikely Child Killer in Los Angeles County, California, really had an affect on me, like most episodes do. I first stumbled onto the idea for this episode when looking at the Charley Project and found Karen Lynn Tompkins. She was within four blocks of her home and vanished, never to be seen again. I can only imagine the trauma this caused her family. My plan was to build the episode around her, but that was difficult because there was not a whole lot of information about what she was like, etc. I tried reaching out to her family and didn't receive a response. As a I dug deeper into the details of her case, I realized what a rabbit hole it was. I had never heard of this man nor of these disappearances. He is classified as a serial killer, and one scary aspect of him, is that he looks like that dorky neighbor we all have.

I have been rather inconsistent in my releasing of episodes, and my goal is to change that. Getting on a schedule of releasing episodes bi-weekly is what I am aiming for.

Thank you for listening to my podcast, I love producing it and appreciate the feedback and support I receive. If anyone has a case suggestion, there is a form on that you can fill out. I would love to hear from you!

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