April 4, 2023

Missing and Murdered in Michigan | Suspected Serial Killer Arthur Ream

Missing and Murdered in Michigan | Suspected Serial Killer Arthur Ream
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Thirteen year old Cynthia Coon was your average teenager from the 70s. When not attending Forsythe Junior High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cynthia, or Cindy, as she was affectionately known, could be found in her room listening to music or hanging out with friends. January 19th, 1970, was set to be a typical day for the Coon family. In the early morning hours, Cynthia left for school, but she would never return. Fifty three years later, her family and friends are still left wondering what happened to Cynthia.

Anyone with information on the disappearance of Cynthia Coon is asked to contact Mike Trister of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office at 734-971-8400, quoting case number 70-0627.

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