Dec. 6, 2021

Jodi Arias | Highlights and Insights

Jodi Arias | Highlights and Insights

Most of you have heard the name Jodi Ann Arias, and it probably conjures feelings about her innocence or guilt, some hate her, some idolize her. Questions arise like, was she really defending herself? Does she have a mental illness and if so, what is it? Was the killing of Travis premeditated? This case was a media sensation with thousands of spectators glued to their television sets watching the trial, including myself. On Twitter, there was a camp Jodi and a camp Travis, with interactions much like the Biden and Trump supporters, now. Many people defended her, because they believed that Travis was a player and he used her. They also believed Jodi’s claims that Travis was a pedophile. If you are not familiar with this case, there are plenty of videos and articles that cover it in depth. This video will go over some of the highlights and the happenings surrounding the trial that I found interesting.

One part that I left out and didn't realize it until it was all recorded was something I found interesting, Jodi testified that Travis broke her finger in January of 2008, and when she was asked to show the jury her finger, it was indeed crooked. The prosecution then presented photos shortly after this January event, and that finger looked normal. The prosecution surmised that her finger was injured during the murder of Travis.

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