July 5, 2021

Death Row Series: Monica and Dominique Frome

Death Row Series: Monica and Dominique Frome

Episode 1, Death Row Series: Monica and Dominique Frome

On Monday the 22nd of December 1997, a motorist was driving close to Monticello Utah along U.S route 491, when he noticed a white, stuffed bear, lying in the road. He felt something urge him to go back, and quickly turned his car around, assuming it was a lost Christmas present for a nearby child. As he slowly began to approach the bear, something more sinister entered his view, a blood-soaked coat lying at the side of the road, and what appeared to be drag marks in the snow, leading off into the brush and undergrowth. It was 5:30pm and light had fallen, so the man decided to remain inside of his car while he alerted authorities.

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The Odessa American, January 25th 1998 - Convicted stalker leads police to missing girl's body

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The Times Independent, January 29th 1998 - Texas man is charged with murder

Tyler Morning Telegraph, January 24th 1998 - Convicted Stalker Leads Police to Body

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