8/28/2020: People have asked me what the reason was for the neglect of Sterling. The answer is, no reason was given. It is very possible that I will remaster this episode, as there are more facts that should be added. It is 100 degree weather where I live and my office is upstairs and it only has a small, window ac unit. It doesn't function very well when it's so hot and it makes recording uncomfortable. The night I recorded this episode was such a night, I would just push through but it does start to affect my voice and the quality of the episode. We're approaching Fall, so that'll be good news on the recording front.  - Madeline

8/28/2020: I keep experimenting with other website possibilities and always end up coming back to google sites. It's easy and basically does what I need it to do. I think it looks a little dated but I'm a little dated too. :) Thanks for listening and for your words of encouragement, I think I have found my niche in life and I am loving it. I have hesitated to ask for any kind of support because my podcast is fairly new. However if you would like to support the show, there are several ways to do it. Share it with people you know and on social media, there are links on the main page for other ways to donate or connect with Crimeatorium as well. - Madeline

09/06/2020: I think I'm suffering from a case of writer's block. I have started writing 6 episodes and am having a hard time pushing to finish them. There will be a new episode released this coming weekend, it will be one of six. I think the podcast needs a bit more exposure, if you are reading this it would be great if you would post about it on your social media pages. There are very few reviews also, I don't push for them because I like them to be organic and real. I must admit though, seeing a new review is really exciting. Well, back to the drawing board I go. Until next time. - Madeline

10/02/2020: I have held off on using ads and have never really liked the formality of Patreon. So I have focused on one method that listeners can donate and that is through That way, listeners can donate once or as often as they'd like. It's just a little more relaxed than Patreon, which I like.  - Madeline

5/21/2022: Well, I'm back to podcasting again. I wish I could give a good reason for giving it up in the first place, but there isn't one. :)  - Madeline

6/21/2022: Getting back into the swing of writing and recording again and it feels good. The podcast lost some footing because of the 7 months it was offline, but it's picking up on listens again. I just need to practice consistency, something I have always struggled with. If you are reading this and you like the podcast, please leave a review using the link on the main page of the website. Take care everyone and thank you for your support. - Madeline

1/11/2023: I'm back in the saddle again! The thing is, is that podcasting has been such a gratifying experience for me, that being said, it can be stressful at times. I was having some issues with some of my recording equipment and I just needed to back away for a bit. People still listened to my episodes though, which surprised me and made me pretty happy. Anyway, look for a new episode in the next couple of weeks while I get things up and running again.  Cheers! - Madeline